When it comes to handicap stencils, not all may be suitable for you. There are several varieties to choose from, and it can get a bit confusing. We have some tips to help you select the right ones:

  • You have to comply with the ADA standards, rules and regulations – not doing so can land you in hot water. The ADA is very specific regarding the width between spaces, and how many you need to mark in a parking lot. You can check online for the latest updated version of the same on the official website, www.ada.gov.
  • While the ADA only requires that handicap parking spots are marked with signage, most States necessitate the use of parking stencils. Each state has its own specifications regarding handicap markings. Check the specifications regarding size, required markings, specific words to be used, materials used in the marking, and so on – this will give you a fair idea of the type of stencils you will need.
  • By going an extra mile and making handicap parking spots crystal clear and highly visible, you will do your handicapped customers a great service. Following ADA specifications is mandatory, but when you voluntarily do something extra for disabled customers, you will certainly earn some brownie points. You also need stencils of sturdy material – as the handicap parking spots need to be conspicuous always, and you may need to re-paint frequently. By clearly marking your handicap parking spots, you also warn other customers not to park in those spots; this will save them from violating the norms and also save them from a ticket!
  • Handicap parking stencils are available in different materials and sizes. Depending on the density of traffic, weather conditions and so on in your area, you can choose from coro-plast or corrugated plastic, acrylic, oil boards, aluminum, brass, Mylar, LLDPE, and Poly-Styrene. The last three are easy to clean and can be easily rolled up for storage, so if you’re running short on storage space, these would be perfect. If you’re some place where it rains a lot, coro-plast is the ideal solution as it is durable and water proof.
  • Be sure to take a good hard look at the manufacturers of handicap stencils; check their reputation by reading reviews left by previous customers and read up on the types of stencils they offer. Are they flexible with payment, shipping, returns and so on? Study them well before you make a decision where to order.

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