Contour cutting for life-size cutouts from FoamCore, GatorBoard and Coroplast. CNC Print & Cut jobs. Contour cut to shape MDF and ACM panels. Contour cutting of life size cutouts for custom shapes, logos, arrows and numbers on CNC routing machine and knife cutting. These CNC cut-to-shape are tough, resilient, and lightweight, at an affordable price point.  Contour cutting shapes and standees from plastics. Most economical coroplast print and cut jobs. Coroplast is a very versatile material composed of corrugated flutes that are waterproof and dent-resistant. Send us your designs for contour cutting. We can process multiple sizes, fonts and shape from logos and symbols to letters and words.

Life size Cutouts

At Precision Cuttings, get your printed boards contour cut to shape. We have knife cutting services with camera registrations marks. Provide your life size cutout prints and we will cut the printed sheets of your material.  Standees are the unique ideas for display stands for sales promotions. Design these in the shape of your products and company logos as standees. Ideal for super markets, retail stores, shows, events and celebrations. Most effective for Ad campaigns and Point-of-Sale locations. Need inspirations and ideas for life-size cut outs? Contact us.