Honey comb boards cutting and v-grooves


Light weight honeycomb boards cutting service with sharp V-grooves, drilled holes & angle cuts. CNC router honeycomb panels cutting. Light weight honeycomb boards cutting with precision accuracy.  Honeycomb boards drilled precisely, cut accurately and grooved with sharp V-groove cuts.

Honeycomb boards can take the form of sandwich panels with aluminium exteriors. These boards are extremely useful for decorative purposes, engineering, aerospace and marine projects. Wherever weight is an issue, honeycomb boards are the solution — these boards are very lightweight, yet strong and rigid, and thus, incredibly versatile. Therefore, they are easy to work with, have diverse uses, and are environmentally friendly.

At Precision Cuttings, we processes honeycomb boards for use in the aerospace, robotics, automotive, and renewable wind energy industries. These boards are ideal for corrugated wall panels, aircraft walling, and office space dividers. We provide honeycomb board cutting service for office furniture, where weight reduction is of prime importance. Additionally, the boards are suited to custom cabinetry, where versatility is paramount.

Honeycomb boards, when cut accurately, add a smooth and clean finish for uses to construct displays, signage, and photo mounting. Creative industrial uses include sunroof shading, load floors, and headliners. Finally, honeycomb boards work well as marine furniture, and these are specifically designed for double-deck exhibit flooring, risers, and platforms. With our CNC cutting services, we can work on multiple industrial and engineering projects that require honeycomb boards cutting.