Handicap Stencils with wheel chair symbol is practically required in every parking lot.  We make custom stencils made from highly durable LDPE. Our handicap stencils are used by pavement marking companies and parking lot contractors. Custom stencilling to meet MUTCD specifications and are ADA-compliant. We make handicap parking lot stencils from 1/8″ thick lifelong LDPE plastic. The LDPE handicapped stencils are strong, reusable and easy to store. These handicap symbol stencil are easy to clean with a little of wriggle and flex.

Our handicap stencils can be used with all types of spraying equipment, including aerosol paints and rollers. Each handicap sign stencil has a safety margin of 3 inches all around, allowing for a generous overspray.

In addition to words, letters, and symbols, we can also create stencils with text of RESERVED, VISITORS, NO PARKING, and words marking stencils found in parking lots. Use our stencils to mark roadways, streets, highways, railroad crossings, and parking spot areas with ease. We create handicapped stencils according the specifications outlined in drawings. Contact us.