The FAA Airport Stencils follow the guidelines set by the Federal Airports Authority. Air traffic has been steadily increasing over the past few years. The good thing is the ratio of air traffic increase does not equal or even come near to the increase in Air Traffic accidents! Obviously with increase in technology there are new technological advances that prevent air traffic mishaps.  The Federal Airports Authority constantly updates the strict guidelines as to how the runways are to be marked. This ensure the safety standards are always updated with time and technology. To ensure adherence to the marking guidelines, the airport stencils also have to conform to the dimensions mentioned in the FAA advisory.

FAA Airport Stencils

FAA Airport Stencils
All FAA Compliant Airport Runway & Taxiway Stencils

Some of the FAA Airport Stencils guidelines that have been enforced are as follows:

  • Exact size of markings on different parts of the runways. These include taxiway, landing designators, touchdown zone, aiming markings, threshold markings, edge markings, center line markings and so on.
  • Increasing the friction coefficient of pavement markings
  • Enhanced Conspicuity of markings
  • Markings for precision and non-precision runways
  • Mandatory runway surface marking schemes for paved runways
  • Markings for non-standard runways

The list is pretty long, but you get the idea. The FAA is very particular about markings on runways – and rightly so. Without proper markings, the runways would be just like a maze. This could be confusing and dangerous to the hundreds of pilots who have to land and take off their aircrafts every single day.

Airports and runways are very complex structures. Precise and accurate FAA airport stencils guide pilots and help them understand where to taxi, landing paths, takeoff, park, and so on. It is extremely important that the FAA guidelines are followed to the letter when it comes to marking the runways.

It helps avoid confusion in the pilots’ minds, and leaves no room for collisions. The different kind of markings obviously necessitate different kind of stencils – and of course they have to be pretty big, to be seen clearly from a height, like when a pilot is approaching to land.

Imagine the dangers of improperly marked runways – even if the markings are off by a couple of centimetres, it could mean crashes, collisions, overshooting the runway. This could endanger the lives of hundreds of passengers and airline crew and resulting in millions of dollars in damages.

Airport runways are pretty long. This means you need multiple markings throughout the runways. Taxiway lanes are also plenty. They necessitate a whole different set of markings in different color paint. Airport markings also need to be strictly maintained all through the year. You cannot afford the markings to appear faded at any given time.

This means your FAA airport stencils have to be sturdy and durable. In addition to being flexible and precisely cut as per the prescribed measurements. They have to be able to withstand repeated use – after all, you can’t really keep buying stencils every time you need to refresh the markings.

At Precision Cuttings, we are acutely aware of the need for accurate and precise FAA airport stencils. At Precision Cuttings, we ensure that our stencils are made from tough LDPE materials. LDPE is flexible, reusable and durable materials. You can be certain that our stencils will not distort or tear, and lay absolutely flat. 

Whether on asphalt or concrete pavements, they will enable perfect markings. They are easy to clean and you will have fresh-looking stencils the next time you need to use them. We manufacture FAA airport stencils to be seen from varying heights and different materials depending on your purpose. Additionally, we create custom stencils,  parking lot stencils and handicap parking stencils for spaces around the airport areas.

Call us now on 1-866-931-5767 (Toll Free USA/Canada) to speak to a representative! We are more than happy to help maintain safety when we can!

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