Pavement markings are vital for ensuring safety on our roads.  They enable drivers to understand the roadway alignment for distant demarcation and the intended travel paths for short-range functions, like which way to turn, park or travel. Pavement markings help avoid confusions and reduce the incidence of crashes, and are especially important on busy parking lots and pavement parking. Ensure Professional Pavement Markings are used for lanes and need to be very clearly and precisely demarcated to eliminate collisions.

The United States Department of Transportation has drafted guidelines to ensure standardization of pavement markings, and these have been specifically described in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). It goes without saying, therefore, that pavement marking stencils also need to be manufactured keeping those guidelines and specifications in mind.

As a contractor undertaking pavement marking, you need the best materials to make sure that your projects are completed efficiently, and in time, with no margin for error – only then will traffic flow smoothly.

You need LDPE pavement stencils that are not just compliant with US Federal requirements, but also sturdy and precise. This is because pavement marking is not a one-time job. Even the best of paints cannot last forever; the weather, and the constant traffic will certainly take its toll, and the stripes and markings will start fading. But as a pavement marking contractor you know that you have to ensure that the pavement markings have to be maintained always. You will have to keep painting every now and then, depending on weather conditions and the density of traffic on the road – this also applies to business parking lots. You need LDPE stencils that can be reused for job after job.

At Precision Cuttings we make LDPE pavement marking stencils, handicap parking stencils, airport stencils and parking lot stencils from premium LDPE material so that you can use them for several jobs before they get worn out. You don’t have to worry about whether the stencils conform to the US Federal regulations because we make sure that they do. We employ the latest technology to ensure that our stencils are cut so as to enable neat and precise markings.

We understand your need for durable stencils, and use only the best materials and equipment to deliver high quality, sturdy and precisely cut stencils. What’s more, you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable cost of our stencils. With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled staff, we can create custom cut outs and stencils as per your order for your specific requirements. You can choose the grade and weight of the stencils as well, depending on the type of your project.

Order high grade LDPE pavement marking stencils from Precision Cuttings and help keep our roads safe.

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