Get CNC woodworking services for diverse applications. Fast turnaround. Cutting a vast choice of wood material. Quality finish at low cost. Precision Cuttings provides CNC woodworking services for wood fabrication projects. Capability to handle several CNC router wood cutting projects of differing sizes. Providing CNC wood services in industrial fields. Working on projects with professionals, interior designers and businesses.

Providing wood cnc machining services for master carpenters, general contractors, and experienced woodworkers. We’ve got the experience and know-how necessary to help you finish your custom wood projects quickly and smoothly. Our services are geared towards commercial and residential applications. With the use of versatile CNC technology, we make complex and detailed digital engineering designs into a reality.

Our woodworking services include working with MDF, plywood and solid wood designs for final products.  Providing wooden sheets with a smooth, uniform surface, ideal for painting, without causing cracked paint from temperature changes or moisture. Wood projects composed of MDF sheets allow for incredible lattice cutting designs, superior flexibility, and a well-finished final product.

Wood CNC machining services are ideal for woodworking and manufacturing. Our CNC wood routing services deliver high quality, on-demand woodworking. We achieve the finish with incredible accuracy and specs. We’re able to process a wide range of materials at a low cost per unit.

Guaranteed fast turnaround time and efficient woodworking services. Our flat bed 5 x 10 CNC machine is ideal for short runs at affordable prices. No matter what your project entails, we’re here to help. Need inspirations or ideas? Contact us now!