What is CNC machining? It is the manufacturing process to produce wood, aluminum or plastic parts. You can rely on our CNC cuttings made  inhouse. At Precision Cuttings, we provide CNC machining services on our 3-axis flatbed CNC router. We provide a quick progress on any project on hand. Contact us to discuss on your long-term projects, with affordable, competitive rates. We can handle designs and fabrications needed to help you create  amazing final products. We provide CNC machining for wood, MDF cutting, acrylic cutting and plexiglass cutting.

CNC Machining

Our capabilities include:

  • Aluminium cutting
  • Plastic cutting
  • Honeycomb Boards cutting
  • CNC Woodworking

Take advantage of our short runs. We provide digital CNC machining and router cutting services for enhanced productivity. Digital CNC machining enables economical solutions for a wide range of industries, artistic individuals, engineers, and architects. Our portfolio is diverse: we work for interior decorators, construction companies, commercial and construction cladding service providers.

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